Friday, July 02, 2010

The New Blog Directory

As you might have noticed we have added two new tabs, one to 'Add a Blog to the Directory' and the 'Blog Directory.' We are trying to compile a comprehensive list of Buddhist and Buddhist themed blogs, websites, message boards, journals etc into one place. We have already had over 25 added in just 24 hours, and another 15 to update! Please bear with us as the directory will be spruced up a bit once we figure out how to best export a Google spreadsheet with the formatting we want. A big thanks goes out to Anoki from the Buddhist feed site Dharma Dots for stepping in to help out with the technical aspect!

Please feel to add any Buddhist related site to the directory, we update it daily! Also, let us know if you feel we should add another category to the details. Right now you can choice from;

Personal Practitioner
Ordained/Lay Teacher
Online Magazine/Review
Link/Feed Site
Message Board
Group Practice Blog
News Journal

And don't forget to submit a nomination for your favorite blogger!


Petteri Sulonen said...

The "submit a blog" form is phrased very strongly in a way that discourages people from submitting other people's blogs—e.g. it says where are YOU from, what is YOUR tradition, etc. However, on the blog directory page, you request people to submit blogs they know about. If it's the latter, how about changing the phrasing on the submission form?

James said...

I concur with Peteri. I would like to add a blog or two to the list but feel the instructions are limiting submissions to self-submissions. Perhaps that is your intent. However, if that is not the intent, I hope you'll adjust the submission form...

ps: glad you're reviving the Blogisattva award!

NellaLou said...

People seem to be a little confused about the blog directory. In one forum someone thought those were the nominated blogs being listed.

The confusion seems to come from various announcements that state 100+ nominations and others that state 100+ in the blog directory.

So perhaps a clarification is needed.

Also Bhante Sujato is a monastic not a miscellaneous.