Sunday, July 11, 2010

About the Directory and Nominations

We first wanted to take a second to thank a few of the Buddhist publications for their support and encouragment, and also for getting the word out to the Buddhist community in general. So a big thank you to Elephant Journal, Shambhala Sun and Tricycle: The Buddhist Review. We also want to thank Anoki Casey of BuddhaBadges and DharmaDots for the fantastic graphics he did for the site, and for helping us out as an administrator! I think everyone is enjoying this process tremendously, and it should be a lot of fun as we get closer to November.

Secondly, just a few items of note about the blog directory;
  • It doesn't have to be the blog or site owner that adds a site to the directory, anyone can add a site.
  • The blog directory and the nominations have nothing to do with each other. The directory is a simple link list to Buddhist sites, and being added there does not mean that the site was nominated for an award.
  • There have been a couple of requests to add a non-English language category to the blog directory, so we have. While the awards are for English language Buddhist blogging, the directory is for any type of Buddhist site.
  • Edit: Whatever people enter down as information about what type of blog they are is what I enter in the directory. There are only three expections, if its an academic or Buddhist Resource blog, I do make sure that they are somewhat conforming to that. Also, any sites selling products is fine as long as it isn't the primary intention and focus of the site.
There are over 150 sites added already, so feel free to browse through them and check them out, and of course contact us if you see any errors or changes that need to be corrected.

Lastly, just as a reminder, for blogs to be considered for an award they have to be nominated. So don't forget to nominate your favorite bloggers. We encourage all bloggers, who may not be known to a larger audience yet, to nominate themselves if they so choose. We want to get the word out about all the wonderful writers and blogs out there. Also, a nomination is not a vote, so adding a site once is enough to enter them into the nomination database.

And as always, feedback and ideas are encouraged and welcome!

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How do you know if you are nominated??