Sunday, February 19, 2006

Blogisattva Award Nominations

Following are the nominations for the first annual Blogisattva Awards for achievement in Buddhism-inspired blogging, during the year 2005. Congratulations to all the nominees.

Winners will be announced on March 5.

Best Achievement in Clean, Straightforward, Unaffected Design

Best Achievement in Wonderful, Remarkable, Elegant Design

Best Niche Blog, Unusual-Function Blog or Blog Service

Best Celebrity-Writer Blog

Best New Blog in 2005

Best Integral Buddhist Blog
Best Philosophical Blog

Best Personal Journal

Best Achievement in Addressing Public or Political Issues

Blogger Best Demonstating a Multiplicity of Talents
Best Kind and Compassionate Blog

Best Achievement in Skillful Writing
[The Wordsmithing Award]
Blog Entry of the Year [including comments]

Blog of the Year, Svaha!