Thursday, September 30, 2010

Awards Update

Just a reminder that there is only one month left to get those Blogisattva nominations in! November 1st will be the last day to submit your nominations for those outstanding Buddhist blogs that you read and love. The process for sorting through and posting the finalists and award winners will probably take a few weeks after nominations close.

Also, we have hit the 400 milestone mark for Buddhist related blogs and websites in the directory, and everyday a few more get added. The Buddhist Blogosphere is far larger and more dynamic than I ever imagined! We will be keeping the ability to add to the blog directory database probably through November 1 as well. I am working on sharing the code so sometime in the near future that anyone can publish the blog directory that resides here.
Finally, for next years awards, we will be looking for new volunteer administrators to run the awards. I'm not sure if Nate, Anoki or myself will stay on, but there is definitely a good chance for an opening to volunteer! If you are interested in carrying forward the Blogisattva torch in 2011, just drop us a line here.

Thanks again for everyone's time and effort to make this year Blogisattva awards possible!