Saturday, March 22, 2008


Rootin' Tootin'
For all you Blogisattva winners interested in displaying a button on your blogsite, we now offer buttons in six varieties -- well, really five, with one being worked on by our Research and Development Department.

Let the world know that you are A WINNER, BETTER than those other, no-account Buddhist blogs.

Our blog buttons are modest -- demure, even. Humble and shy. Just 100 pixels wide and 40 pixels high, smaller than a picture of a chihuahua.

If YOU are a WINNER [of any Blogisattvas from 2006 through 2008] grab a button [right click and hit properties of the button you like, then snag it's location or address], put it up on your blog's sidebar and link it to the the anchor for your blog, found at the table of blogisattva winners and nominees in blogsite order. [Your anchor is the same as the link location for your blog, as found in the alphabetized listing at the top of the table.]

Pretty spiffy, eh?

I am Curious Yellow

Orange Orange

You're in Yellow

Hi-Ho Silver

Jerry Brown