Saturday, March 22, 2008


Rootin' Tootin'
For all you Blogisattva winners interested in displaying a button on your blogsite, we now offer buttons in six varieties -- well, really five, with one being worked on by our Research and Development Department.

Let the world know that you are A WINNER, BETTER than those other, no-account Buddhist blogs.

Our blog buttons are modest -- demure, even. Humble and shy. Just 100 pixels wide and 40 pixels high, smaller than a picture of a chihuahua.

If YOU are a WINNER [of any Blogisattvas from 2006 through 2008] grab a button [right click and hit properties of the button you like, then snag it's location or address], put it up on your blog's sidebar and link it to the the anchor for your blog, found at the table of blogisattva winners and nominees in blogsite order. [Your anchor is the same as the link location for your blog, as found in the alphabetized listing at the top of the table.]

Pretty spiffy, eh?

I am Curious Yellow

Orange Orange

You're in Yellow

Hi-Ho Silver

Jerry Brown


Tom said...

The buttons come to you because I am pretty much unsupervised in the awards off-season.

Rootin' Tootin' Raspberry was the name of a Funny Face Flavor.

I am Curious Yellow is the name of a Swedish movie that was X-rated and includes Martin Luther King in its cast. [Nope. I've never seen it.]

Orange Orange also comes from the 70s, I think. It is in reference to an orange color that is similar to that of the fruit.

You're in Yellow ... I'll leave it to you to figure out.

Hi-Ho Silver is the Lone Ranger talking to his horse.

Jerry Brown is something Zen only a devotee of the 70s or a Californian would know about.

WH said...

I remember Rootin Tootin Rasberry.

I found it easier to highlight the button, right click, then select "view selection source" -- gave me the full link, just had to cut the name of the color.

Didn't link to my own blog though.


Tom said...

OK, Bill! I don't seem to be able to do the same thing. Differences in our computers' operating systems, I suppose?

I see I can do something similar, though. Right click on the image and "Copy Image Location."

My suggestion re the URL is to the page and anchor that displays one's list of wins and nominations. Yours would be the URL in the word here that is here.

WH said...

I think it's an add-on that I have for Firefox - allows me to steal html code from other sites. :)

Thanks for providing the code, I juts added a text link below the icon.


Danny Fisher said...

Very nice! (And I love the countdown in the left column.)

Tom said...

I kiped the countdown from one of Justin Whitaker's blogs. Just 25 million seconds till the 2009 nominations announcement! I better get a move on!

James said...

Thank you, Tom!

My badge is now up and it looks fine, indeed.

I have to admit not only do I feel superior to those no-account Buddhist blogs lacking such a badge, but I've noticed I look better, as well!

Tom said...

James, you've always been remarkably handsome, and now your blog, Monkey Mind is, too.

Sandy said...

It would seem you are doing all this without ever having read my blog, Please feast your eyes sometime. Hopefully it will nourish your soul.
thank you.

Tom said...

Thanks, Sandy. I've added Yours in the Dharma to my reader. It will be sure to be in the mix next/this year.

-- Tom

Sandy said...

Thank you.

They call him James Ure said...

I'm late to the party, just added mine. I hope my tardiness won't affect my chances for this year. Just joking. All the best, James.

Bowing to the Buddha within all.

Uku said...

This is funny. Great job, Tom. :)