Thursday, February 19, 2009

Award Nomination Announcement to be Delayed

I am sorry to inform that the announcement of award nominations for 2009, honoring buddhoblogging in calendar year 2008, will be much delayed.

The delay is due to the sorry circumstance of the poor awards administrator who is facing daunting financial and legal problems.

There is every expectation that the Blogisattva Awards will go forward this year and in future years and, maybe, forever, bestoying glory on splendid Buddhism blogs.

The awards administrator is sorry about the delay as he knows that a delay diminishes the hoopla that should properly come to any blog honored with a Blogisattva.


Jordan said...

hope your circumstances improve soon.

All the best,

Per said...

Yes, same from me. I include you in my well-wishing circle :)


Robin said...

Thanks for listing down all this wonderful blogs.

I will read them all .. one by one..

and the Journey is more important than the destination.