Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blog Of The Day!

Thanks to a contact I made via Yahoo Answers, I was able to come up with a cool script that randomly chooses a new blog each day.

We imported the list of nominations for the Blogisattvas, so the blogs that are chosen are one's you guys have all recommended others to check out. This is just another way that we think will help garner a little more attention to  blogs other's may or may not have checked out yet.

The "Blog Of The Day" has been up for a few days now, just tucked under the fold you might say, that way we could make sure it would run properly. Now, it is "above the fold" for all to see.

There has been no human intervention in choosing the "Blog Of The Day". The code randomly selects a new blog every 24 hours. And, like I said, the list for the script to choose from has come from you guys.

We hope this exposes some great blogs and as always thank for your interest and support of the Blogisattva Awards!


Jan said...

Hello friend,

I am wondering if you notify someone if they are chosen as blog of the day. That would be nice...

What a great site and idea you have here. I am heading back in to nominate a lovely blog I just found.

May you well and happy today.

Nate DeMontigny said...

that'd be a great idea, and would love to do it... BUT... the blog of the day is randomly generated by a bit of javascript code, the only human interaction with said script is to load in the list of over 150+ blogs for it to choose from... It's a bit of an undertaking to check it everyday and contact the "blog of the day". so, suffice to say, it's not an option on my end, and I'm sure it's a bit larger than Kyle wants to bite off either. Sorry :(