Saturday, December 08, 2007

Awards Season is Acomin' FAST

Just writing to let anybody subscribed to this blog, or whomever otherwise comes along, know that another season of Buddhist blogging awards [i.e., the Blogisattvas] is coming.

News about the 2008 Awards, honoring excellence in English-language Buddhist blogging during the year 2007, is forthcoming.

Blog on, y'all

- Tom Armstrong
Awards Administrator

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Mumon said...

Well. Too bad I was blogging at Kos for most of the time...

It's great that you're keeping this up though...Hopefully I'll be returning to my blog soon now that some key work has been done ... if you use a 4G phone, chances are you'll use technology I've created, especially if you make a voice call.

Tom said...

I have noticed that your blog hasn't lit up on my reader in a long time till just recently, Mumon. I figured you went fishing. Not so; you went 'Hollywood' on us to get the big money and the beautiful girls.

'Fraid I don't know much about phones that aren't roped into a wall, but hearing that that there's a phone out there with your fingerprints on it, I want one. I've been holding out until there's a cellphone that will do my laundry and walk the dog. Will definitely check out this 4G thing. If I buy one and have any complaints, I will require that you come to my house to fix it.

Mumon said...

Incidentally, - I've been meaning to write a post on this myself - it turns out the Shaolin monks - the ones with the trademark - have a website up.

And it's pretty dang good:

Seriously un-Wilber.

Sandy said...

Methinks you offered all these awards without ever reading Please feast your eyes sometime on my blog.
Thank you,

Tom said...

Thanks, Sandy. We do miss some blogs.