Sunday, January 14, 2007

Announcement of 2007 Blogisattva Awards Categories

The 2007 Blogisattva Awards Committee [of 1] is pleased to announce the categories and number of nominees within each category for the 2007 Awards that honor achievement in Buddhist blogging in calendar year 2006.

This year, the sophomore year of the awards, there will be 24 winners in 22 categories chosen from an aggregate of 100 nominees. This is up from 14 winners in 14 categories and an aggregate of 70 nominations last year.

One award category has been discontinued: Best Celebrity-Writer Blog. Many of the other 13 awards categories' names from last year have been tweaked this year to better describe what the award is for, or to change, slightly, the nature of the award.

Nine new awards categories have been created.

Four new categories were created to recognize blogging in styles not honored last year. Five categories were created to honor blog posts of different types.

A rule was written this year with respect to the two blog-design awards. Blogs nominated in the design categories last year that had not significantly altered their design at the end of 2006 are not eligible to be nominated this year.

Unlike last year when there were five nominees for each of the awards, the count of nominations varies by award this year. The number of nominations per award is governed by a rough sense of the population of candidates out there that might be appropriately nominated.

The awards categories in 2007 are the following with the number of nominations and winners in brackets. An asterisk indicates a title tweak. Text in orange indicates the award goes to a blog; red, the blogger(s); blue, a blog post(s).:
The thirteen carried-over categories:
  • Best Achievement in Clean, Straightforward, Unaffected Design [4/1]
  • Best Achievement in Wonderful, Remarkable, Elegant Design [4/1]
  • * Best Niche Blog, Unusual-Function Blog, Blog Service, or Serial within a Blog [4/1]
  • Best New Blog [5/1]
  • * Best Achievement Blogging on Integral Issues [5/1]
  • * Best Achievement Blogging on Matters Philosophical or Scientific [5/1]
  • * Best Achievement Blogging in the First Person [on events in one's own life on in gonzo style] [5/1]
  • * Best Achievement Blogging Opinion Pieces or about Political Issues [5/1]
  • Blogger Best Demonstating a Multiplicity of Talents [3/1]
  • * Best Achievement in Kind and Compassionate Blogging [5/1]
  • Best Achievement in Skillful Writing [5/1]
  • * Blog Posts of the Year [12/3]
  • Blog of the Year, Svaha! [7/1]
The nine new categories this year:
  • Best Achievement Blogging on Buddhist Practice or Dharma [5/1]
  • Best Achievement in Use of Graphics in a Blog [4/1]
  • Best Achievement in Use of Quotations in a Blog [3/1]
  • Best Achievement Blogging on a Wide Range of Topic Interests [4/1]
  • Best Multi-Part Blog Post [3/1]
  • Best Achievement in a Compassionate Blog Post [3/1]
  • Best Achievement in a Integral Blog Post [3/1]
  • Best Achievement with Humor in a Blog Post [3/1]
  • Best Conversation-Sparking Blog Post [3/1]

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